How to do Well in Viva / Oral Exam

To pass a viva candidate must not possess a thorough understanding of the subject but must also be able to convey this to the examiners. Viva is different from other exams: you cannot deal first with the question you know best and come back later to the ones you are not so sure about; and you cannot cross out previous answer and rewrite them. In assembling the knowledge base it may be helpful to remember facts in a way that makes them easily retrieved and communicated in a viva. An intelligent, structured, cogent answer wins the points Key points of viva/oral exam-
§  The oral exam is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge, your presentation/interaction skills, as well as your ability to communicate. And these skills are very necessary for scoring well.
§  Question may be chosen dynamically, depending on how a student answers previous questions.
§  Questions may be designed to test the in-depth knowledge of a student. Often, the examiner continues to ask questions in a particular area until the student no longer responds correctly.
§  Marks may be awarded for problem solving, analysis and method, as well as interpersonal communication and presentation.

 Tips for the Viva / Oral exam

      1.     Be well prepared.
      2.     Know the proses, Your Professor and your ability to speak.
      3.     Be confident to present yourself. You should have proper attire.
      4.     Stay calm and pleasant. Don’t panic.
     5.     Questions must be listened carefully before answering. Don’t answer simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question. If you don’t understand the question, ask the examiner to repeat the question again.
     6.     Be prepared to justify your ideas and conclusion.
     7.   Don’t argue unnecessary with the examiner. If you don’t know the examiner, it’s better to surrender instead of unnecessary arguing.
    8. Even if you feel the examiners are unreasonably critical, do not become argumentative or allow the discussion to become heated.

Some ‘Do and Do Not’s before and during Viva / Oral examination

     1. When you are going to face viva or exam, just before that, try to think about something which makes feel happy, it may be anything, think about your dreams, your love(if you have one), or a place which makes you feel happy.
     2. Try to take deep breath (at last for 5-10 mins) before your exam if you get anxious or nervous. Just before exam, close your eyes for 5 minutes, take deep breath for a last 5 to 10 times. Sit in a upright position and do exhaling and exhaling of fresh air within this 5 to 10 minutes. You will surely feel relaxed and all your anxieties gone.
    3. In case of viva be calm before your chance comes. Sit relaxed at the seat and think you will do definitely good as you have prepared so much.
    4.     Do not keep discussing exam matter till the last minute.
    5.     If you have a viva phobia you can remove it by the trick- At the time of viva should think that that person who is talking your viva is don’t know about anything. You should think that the questions that are asking by him/her can only be answered by you or no one else can give better answer of those questions rather than you. You have to be confident; you have to think about positive result.
    6.     Some tension during exams is unavoidable. But do not let that increase and affect your performance. You can avoid these by developing self-confidence. Self-confidence can be built by thorough knowledge of the subject and improvement in your personality. You must think positively just before exams and should avoid all negative ideas. The foremost thing is completely remove the fear out of your brain. The more your fear the more you will spoil.
   7.     A good sleep is must. You must take proper sleep at least for 6-8 hrs as per your requirement. Do overnight study only till some days before exam. After that just have normal routine to revise your syllabus. Do not study late at night.
    8.     Stand in front of mirror and keep motivating yourself. It will help you to build the confidence in yourself.
    9.     Before the day exam, make sure that you have studied the important questions and revise it. Because this is the mistake which most of the students do. Before exam, they will study everything and they won’t revise it. So, they are not able to remember anything what they have studied. It is better to make your own notes while you are studying. When studying, note the important points so that you can revise by looking at it without going through the entire book.
    10.   Enjoy your studies instead of getting more and more worried of studies. Try to have a liking for the work that your do and once you start liking the work you will never get tension/worry. The student who takes exam must not hate exam, and try to love the exam. Then only he can study well.
    11.   Involve yourself in relaxing activities and have some breathing time instead of continuous sitting with books as this will further make you dull.
    12.   Playing helps to make your minds relaxed.
    13.   Pray for good for make your exam easy and earn relaxed mind through the pray.
    14.   To come out of your tension practice meditation daily for not less than 15 minutes.
    15.   Keep yourself hydrated and well feed. Light food will help you to rest your mind and rest your digestion system. On the season of exam, you should take care on your food.
   16.   Try to focus your mind only on the positive side of your life. Starting thinking that you have already achieved what you always wanted front life and this thought will boost every to go on further with your studies and with no tension.
    17.   Rehearsal of exam: take some old/model examination papers and solve them in the given time. Just assume you are sitting in the examination hall. If you are able to do them properly will help you to develop your confidence.
     18.   Do not hesitate to get help from your professors/friends for clarifying your doubts or even for learning the difficult questions.
    19.   Know that failures are the stepping stones to success and keep trying till you succeed. Don’t feel it as a problem but keep learning till you get it.


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