A man is known by the company he keeps.

Man has an innate love for companionship. It is a demand of his nature as man. A life without company is as dreary as a land without the sun. Man needs companionship for his very material existence. He is a social animal in more sense than one. Both to share his joys and sympathies in his sorrows, he needs friends. To stand by him in trouble, to nurse him in sickness and to help him in all other walks of the life’s battle, man needs friend’s sincere and suffering friends. Agreement of qualities, taste and temperament is a good basis for sound companionship. Politicians choose their likes, sportsmen prefer other sportsmen and find joy in talking and passing time with them. Good company affords commerce between minds and thus brings about realization after toil and stress. And that essential commerce calls for agreement of mutual taste and attainments. Of course men who know the same things or are equally versed in the same subject are not always the best company for each other. But no sensible man  can like the person who always subordinates himself to his friend. Such Companionship debases all in the company. Companions are often forced on us and we are left little choice about friendship. At times we are also led by unsound considerations to make incorrect choice. But we should try to avoid both. It should be remembered that the company one keeps is the mirror of both-one’s present and one’s future.

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